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Dr Minh Dang

Principle Chiropractor

Minh is the founder and Principal Chiropractor of Integrated Therapy and Fitness (ITF). Minh's been practicing as a Chiropractor since 2006 and is a crossfit level 1 and a certified strength and conditioning coach. He is skilled in manual therapy and functional rehabilitation. His hands on treatment and unique multimodal approach to treating dysfunction allows him to treat a vast array of conditions.


Minh's passion for movement and functional performance has led him to work with a variety of clients ranging from grandparents to strength athletes including body builders, powerlifters, olympic weight lifters, cross fitters, and martial artists.


Minh is dedicated to staying current with the latest research and treatment modalities. He continues his professional practice with post graduate studies including sports medicine, advanced selective functional movement assessment and rehabilitation (SFMA), postural restoration (PRI) , dry needling, Functional and kinetic  treatment with rehab (FAKTR), Applied kinesiology, Mulligans, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), mobility programming and strength and conditioning.

Simon Ho


Simon graduated from University of Western Sydney with Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Physiotherapy. He joined Integrated Therapy & Fitness (ITF) in 2015 and has since proven himself to be a valued practitioner.

Simon enjoys treating a wide variety of conditions utilising an evidenced based and holistic approach. He uses a combination of treatment techniques including myofascial release, dry needling, mulligans, joint mobilisations/manipulations, functional range conditioning (FRC), selective functional movement screen (SFMA), postural retraining and exercise prescription to achieve lasting long term results.


Simon has a strong background in a variety of sports and therefore has a keen interest in sports related injuries. He looks forward to working closely with his clients to achieve their goals.

Dr George Hai


George joined Integrated Therapy & Fitness (ITF) in 2011 and has a keen interest in musculoskeletal injuries, rehabilitation and mobility training. George utilises a variety of functional modalities such as functional range conditioning (FRC), functional and kenetic therapy with rehab (FAKTR), Functional release (FR), dry needling and active myofascial release to attain the best results for his clients.

In his free time you'll find him on the mats training Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ). George is constantly searching for ways to improve the health of the BJJ community by decreasing the prevalence of injuries to prolong their time on the mats.

George was the event Chiropractor for the BJJ competitions Aus Sub Only and Grappling Industries. 

Dr Paul Le


Since a young age, sports and movement have been integral part his life. Being involved with a variety of sports like basketball, football, track and field athletics, led him to develop a keen interest in chiropractic.

Paul is a certified Selective Functional Movement Accessor (SFMA) and is equipped with a diverse skill set and perspective in human performance and health.

He worked with the Moorbank Magpies as a sports trainer and is a current member of Sports Chiropractic Australia.

Paul believes optimal movement quality and health should be a standard throughout mainstream society not just in athletes. He combines his drive for results, passion for human movement and diverse skill set to help his patients reach their fullest potential.


Jonathan Ma


Jonathan's interest towards the profession grew through receiving physiotherapy at young age. He soon graduated from the University of Sydney working alongside Nepean FC, Parramatta Rugby, and Western Suburbs Magpies RLFC.

Jonathan has a keen interest in optimising performance through sports nutrition and strength and conditioning. He's competed in swimming, tennis, powerlifting and is a national representative for Oztag.

Jonathan is grateful for being able practise what he loves and have a positive impact in his clients lives. His firsthand experience with injuries together with his expertise and dedication will ensure you recover and perform at your best. 

Tony Nguyen

Remedial Massage Therapist

Tony graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness with a diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy in 2016. He has gained a lot of experience working in various chiropractic, physiotherapy and sports organisations before joining Integrated Therapy & Fitness in 2018.

Tony currently holds a professional membership with AMT( Association of Massage Therapists). He integrates a variety of techniques in his treatment such as Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Active Myofascial Release, and Propriorective Neuromuscular Fascilitation (PNF).

Tony is friendly and had an easy going persona which allows him to connect and establish good rapport with his clients. His genuine care and tailored approach insures a relaxing, therapeutic massage experience.

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